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Tesla Model S 100D

Welcome to Michael's Tesla


If you are a Tesla owner, a reservation holder, or an enthusiast in the Kansas City area, please join the Tesla Owners Club of Kansas City


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  I configured the car I wanted on Tesla's website, and scheduled a test drive for 14 August 2017 at the Country Club Plaza Tesla Showroom in Kansas City, Missouri.  The weekend prior we were in Bloomington, Minnesota for a reunion and stopped by the Eden Prairie Tesla showroom / Service Center and decided on blue for the color.  The owner / advisor in Kansas City had a blue Model S for our test drive car.  After the test drive, I loved the car even more, and placed my order that day.  We scoured through the existing inventory for what I wanted, and were very close, but none had the Ultra High Fidelity Sound package I wanted, so, I had my car custom built. From order time to delivery was about 1.5 months.  I took delivery of my Model S 100D on the 28th of September 2017. 


The purchasing experience was wonderful.  I loved having no sales pressure, no sales people running back to their manager, no bantering of price since every one pays the same for their Tesla, and there are no discounts for anyone.  Once I decided to place the down payment, the Owner Advisor turned her computer towards me with the Tesla website ready for me to order my car (just like I had done at home).  I brought my printed copy of exactly what I wanted with me.  This was how I ordered my car.  You can order a car from your home computer, if you do not have a Tesla showroom near your location.


I plan to put information and links on this site to show you how great of an experience it was for me and to include links for items that I have purchased for my car once I received it.  Links are at the top of the pages


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