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Tesla Model S 100D

You can receive 1000 miles of free Super Charging by using any current Tesla Owner's referral code (if you don't know anyone, here is mine):  https://ts.la/michael4126 

Tesla related YouTube videos I have been featured  / mentioned in


My name shown on the Electric Performance Model 3 at: 4:40

Electric Performance



My photo taken with Zac and Jesse from Fully Charged Live shown at:  51:30

TTN from 02 MAR 2020



My name called out as new Patreon




My name on i1 Tesla's wall as a Patreon supporter




My Patreon question answer at 46:50

Tesla Time News frm 19 NOV 18



My Leavenworth, Kansas Tesla destination charger review featured at 45:38

Tesla Times News 18 FEB 19


My Des Moines, Iowa Supercharger review featured at 39:17

Tesla Time News


My Kansas City, Missouri Supercharger review featured at 38:14

Tesla Time News 2


My Mauston, Wisconsin Supercharger review featured at 40:20





I increased my Patreon monthly amount, and Alex mentioned it in these 3 episodes

E for Electric


E for Electric 2


E for Electric 3





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